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Evacuating for Hurricane Gustav

So.. I live in Southeast Louisiana. And I didn't evacuate for Hurricane Katrina. Well... when I saw this HUGE storm barreling down on us again,.. I chose to pack up my terminally ill mother and niece and two cousin and deciding to drive up to Jackson, Ms. Well.. Let's see if I can explain this properly..

We get up and pack up the car and hit the interstate for what should be a two hour drive at most. Three hours later... in a DEAD crawl... only half way to our destination.. the BRAKES GO OUT ON THE CAR!

So here I am.. in bumper to bumper traffic... no brakes. None. driving five miles an hour on the shoulder of the road to the nearest exit another ten miles down the interstate.

Thankfully my brother in law was able to get around the contraflow to come and get us. After about 6 hours, we made it..

I miss my husband. I'm not on good terms with my sister and I am miserable..

The things making me mad the most.. all that traffic today was the state police of Mississippi not allowing the flow of traffic to go over 15 miles an hour. They wanted to control the influx of evacuees.. I wonder if my car had still torn up if I didn't have stop and go for THREE FUCKING HOURS!!

Someone save me from my life.. please.
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