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I'm NOT Dead!! Betcha thought maybe I was...

For those of you who don't know.. I'm not dead. I'm still alive. I've just had a very rough year and a half. To sum it all up, it's been all crap. Here's a quick run down on everything.

1. Justin was laid off.. TWICE!

2. I still can't find a job.

3. We lost the house we were trying to buy. And we're still struggling just to pay bills.

4. I have a strange, rare disease called Cushing's Disease. Apparently, I've had it forever and no one ever knew before now except for all the physical symptoms.. like being FAT. Having red splotches and various other things. Stupid doctors.

Well, even with all the crap I've dealt with, I should have at least kept up posting now and then. I'm sorry guys. I'm going to try and be better about it. no promises. I suck at it. If anyone wants to talk to me, I'm always on my AIM. Send me a message. ^_^

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