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                                                            Happy Thanksgiving!

I hope everyone celebrating the holiday has a good time. And if not, I hope you kick whoever made you unhappy. I'll be cooking.. lots.  Every year, it's my job to make the sweet ham, broccoli casserole and pecan pies. So, that's what I'll be doing tonight and tomorrow. ^_^ 

I enjoy the holidays, but I get so stressed too. Does everyone feel that way? My friend and I were talking this morning about how her boyfriend wants to spend the day cuddling and being lazy. She turned to me and said. "I don't have time for that! I have turkeys to cook, family to visit and things to do."  We all spend the holiday rushing and panicking to get things done. But, on the other hand.. I'm glad I have family to spend it with. 
Things I am thankful for: My husband, My family, My friends (all of you! *kisses*), my job (even though it makes me mad), my health (could do without the pain though. ^_^ ). 

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Butterfly dreams


 Seriously.. It was touch and go for awhile there.. Most of you where with me at the almost end. To those of you who talked me away from Light.. I thank you~ 

I still feel sneezy and congested, but the litte shards of glass in my lungs and throat are gone now. I'm happy for that. 

On other news.
 Work is backed up.. Badly. We may have to start working overtime to get it done. But, I did get an award for doing a super hard account and making a customer very happy~ Yay me~ 

Justin is leaving this weekend! Although.. it's to go kill innocent deer.. And he sprung his dad on me for the night. My Father-in-law is spending the night tonight. He's a LOT better than his ex-wife.. but, still not excited. 

I get to fight with my mom about Thanksgiving dinner next week. My sister is ducking out.. (EVIL WOMAN!!) 
So I get to tell her.. "No Mom.. We are NOT inviting the entire extended family over.. so you can go to sleep and I can entertain them."  But Justin is happy over me cooking. lol He's so chubby now.. When we met he was 135. He's 190 now. AHAHA~ I made him plump..

Now ends my bit of rambling. I hope everyone is having a good day~
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Butterfly dreams


I've had a great weekend so far!! lol

Me and my sister went off for the weekend together. We went to the coast (Gulfport, MS) and rented a hotel room. It's been really good. I've had the chance to really connect with Missy and spend some quality time with her. 

We've been hampered by various problems.. Her: Rheumatios Arthritis, Broken hand.  ME: Bad back, a HORRIBLE cold.. >_> 
But, We've really had fun! 

We went to the Scottish game and I bought some pewter hari sticks with celtic designs.  And I got a suburn.. lol Then.. we went to the casino and saw "Aphelion". It's a Cirque Du Soliel production.. and it was AMAZING!! lol 

It was seriously one of the best things I've ever seen! I loved it. If you get a chance to see something like this,, definitely go for it! 

I hope everyone has had a good weekend. I miss you all~ 

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So the man looks at me and says..

This is another amusing tidbit from my married life. Justin turns to me one days and says.. "Baby.. I can't download music anymore.. could you do something for me?" 

Backstory.. The desktop is Justin's. It was mine until I quit smoking and he bought me my laptop. ^_^  So.. I gave him the desktop. He has since.. never cleaned it. It has a virus that we can not find, and you can't gonlive with it. It never had these problems when I had.  But, I digress...

Me: *sighs*  Okay.. what do I have to do?
J: *grins and reads off a list of 20 songs he wants*  And when you get them, transfer them over to the external hardrive and then put them on my computer, since I don't know how to? Thanks! Your great!
Me:  -__-  I hate you.. 
J: No you don't..
Me: Now I have to organize my files.. And put them into genre.. because you click on NEWS or KATTUN and then start throwing a hissy fit because it's in a language you don't understand.
J: So.. organize your files. I want more music.
Me:  -_- I do hate you some days..
J: *GRIN*  I know..

So.. that's my plan for the weekend..  I'll be organizing my music and transferring files all over the place. Yay me~! I have over 700 songs.. This may take awhile. Wish me luck!


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 So.. Lesson for everyone out there.  If you forget to pay a bill.. they WILL cut you off.. >_>

And it's no fun living even a day without water.. *flails*  

I really need to remember to do that.. *sighs*  It's the only one I can't pay online.. Stupid City of Hammond and their archaic ways! Seriously.. I'm gonna choose to blame them, for not making my life easier and making me come in and pay. 

I really hope it's on by the time I get off today.  >_<
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And now for something completely different...

Discussion Post~!  Because I'm bored and hate work... 

List your three favorite songs of all time.. And why. 


1} Dreams- Cranberries   
This song makes me happy to listen to. It speaks about having something that just makes you.. feel alive. That something that gives you hope.  I love the lyrics and the vocals are incredible of course. 

2} Possesion- Sarah McLachlan
This one.. This one is just sexy.. If you've ever been so in love with someone that they are all you think about... this song really embodies it for me.  That pure lust and NEED you have to touch them.. be near them.. And Sarah can sing like no one else. 

3} The Only Promise That Remains- Reba McEntire and Justin Timberlake
As a Christian.. this song reminds me of god. But, it also reminds me of my mama.. Sll those people that have been by my side when all has been dark and I didn't think I'd make it out of the tunnel. This song is beautiful.. and even if you don't like country.. please listen to it. Just to hear the words if nothing else. It's beautiful. 

Honorable Mentions: 
Dust in the Wind- Kansas   A song about how everything in life is temporary.
Dreamboat Annie- Heart  I think this song is beautiful. It capture's a dreamer's heart perfectly. 

I have alot more.. But, those are just some. lol Anyway.. this was just my own amusement.  ^_^

My Japanese pic:

Blue -Utada Hikaru     This song is so pretty. I love her voice and I think the words are beautiful. ^_^ 
It's my favorite~


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Butterfly dreams

Shoot me..

Office had a teambuilding event today. This is where we all were the same shirt (bright orange with black leetering this time. In honor of halloween), and go do an activity. Today's activity was BOWLING! 

Okay.. so I have my own ball.. and shoes. This is due to Justin begging me to join a league and I did. But, the truth is.. I am so bad at bowling.. HORRID.  My usual average is like.. 50.  :(  

Today though< I bowled a 70 game and a 85 game. YAY DEBBIE~! 

Now.. I want to die.. My back feel like someone is sticking a hot poker in my hips and twisting. My wrist is swollen 
and I can't bend it.  I'm so glad I'm going home in a few minutes. Can you say hot bath and ice pack? 

Ps.. I've taken a load of medication.. it isn't working.. lying doctor..  >_>


I was tagged by

The rules are simple. Find 10 things that made you happy recently.  As I don't have alot of friends. lol I'm tagging whoever wants to do it~

1}  Justin brought me roses for no reason. lol It's a little scary but, I'll take it~

2} Spamming Cris's inbox with stupid stories and my own personal transalations of Shirota's blog~  (you know you love it.. don't even try denying it~ XP )

3} Me accusing Justin of getting 'excited' during football games and him replying. "No I don't! I just get pumped up.."  He stepped right into that one! AHAHA Gave  me a good laugh.

4} Realizing I had really good friedns who stood beside me and did everything they could to make me feel better. *hugs and kisses*

5} Shirota's photobook.. *drools and dies*

6} Shirota posting pics of him and Kaji up... He so feeds my fangirl mind. heehee

7} Being distracted by all of you when I was depressed. Yay for rp distraction!  

8} Hearing my boss tell an obnoixious coworker to "use her inside voice"  It was wonderful.. Especially when she looked at him and replied. "I don't have one."

9} Getting pictures of my little Godbaby! *kisses to Charlie*

10} Hearing about my mom passing gas in front of the preacher. At the dinner table. That was funny... ^___^



Silly moments I know.. But, it was a rough week. But, there are always happy moments if you look for them!

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Butterfly dreams


So, My best friend in the whole wide world. a.k.a. aoirose put this on her journal. I said that I would post it here.  I took it and.. guess what? It didn't hurt... not one bit.  *laughs*  So, please, if you would like to, fill this out. It's a cute way to get to know your friends. I don;t have many, but, I like the ones I have! :D  

please fill it out ^^
1. Name:
2. Age/Birthday:
3. Single or Taken:
4. Favorite Movie:
5. Favorite Song:
6. Favorite Band/Rapper/Artist:
7. Favorite Book/Comic Book:
8. Tattoos and/or Piercings:
9. Favorite TV Show:
10. Favorite Video Game/Board Game:
11. Do we know each other outside of Livejournal?
12. Would you give me a kidney?
13. Tell me one odd/interesting fact about you:
14. If you could change anything about your current life, would you?
15. Will you post this so I can fill it out for you?
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